Entertainment Marketing

Celebrity product placement – Celebrities sell: they sell themselves, their “brand”, and more importantly, products and goods. Consumers are attracted to all things celebrity, and we can help you benefit from such exposure. Our worldwide partners can help you with entertainment marketing!

What is the value of celebrity marketing?

The celebrity influence on society is clear: whatever they wear, sells fast. Whatever they’re eating becomes the next trend. Roughly 89% of top Fortune 100 brands actively employ celebrity marketing, because simply put: it works. If you want to engage consumers, you have to utilize entertainment marketing, and we can help you form these partnerships.

Product placement and brand integration

Celebrity product placement. What sets us apart?

By including social media and public relations, we increase exposure with freshly generated content.

We understand that for product placement and brand integration, you need to have your work both seen and heard, and our multi-faceted approach allows for ultimate exposure.

Talk show integration

America’s talk shows are the perfect platform for celebrity endorsements. Carefully crafted segments can feature your product year round!

News & Radio

Radio and television reach millions of people, who are captive audiences to hearing and seeing your featured brand. There are numerous ways to incorporate you into these tried and true media avenues!

Celebrity endorsements

Celebrities carry tremendous influence, and their product endorsements are worth their weight in gold. We can establish these connections.
Event attendance by celebrity

Do you want guaranteed attention? Celebrity appearances are the way to go!

Celebrity seedings

The perfect Tweet can create instant worldwide recognition of your brand, and we are your partners in making these connections happen.

Social influencers

Influencers on social media allow for your message to reach the widest audience possible. Word of mouth is the best way to spread your brand. What better word of mouth is there than social media these days? By associating you and your brand with a celebrity, we can expand your reach to all corners of the globe. Whether the talent is new or up and coming, we can connect you.